Well Howdy!

Welcome to SpoddyCoder, I’m Paul a web developer/sys-admin from the beautiful city of Bath in the UK. Here you will find experiments, music, opinions, science and other expressions of fun, happiness and well-being.

I love playing. Plato, at the very start of our journey into studied thinking, recognised the importance of play and how it should never be divorced from the serious. Play can help us understand the world, improve our personal health and enriches our relationships with others.

You will find a lot of play on this website and as such almost nothing is ever finished here. It merely represents a desire to understand, learn, grow and most importantly have fun. Enjoy playing with the toys.

Latest Posts

One day I'll start blogging again. Maybe about programming, maybe about tech. Maybe about the myriad benefits of masturbation. Who knows. Until that day you'll just have to content yourselves with the experiments, music and other random stuff that I do.