Web 3.0 arrived at spoddycoder.com – we were hosted on the InterPlanetary File System!
The site content was pinned using the free tier of Pinata and Cloudflare provided a free IPFS Gateway along with a free SSL certifcate to boot… vive Internet!

However, free tiers and resources with very low request rates do present a problem for the IPFS distributed system – sites are not fast. And occasionally so slow that they may embarass.

The primary problem appears to be because of the very low request rates – the objects are just not on enough (any) nodes, so requests have to be forwarded all the way back to the pinned node. A free tier pinning service can be expected to have low uptime guarantees and even lower bandwidth capabilities.

The snapshot of when it went up is still available on the ipfs… as it should always be… as long as someone is prepared to pin it ofc…